Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Letter #6

This computer is having some issues so this one is just going to be fast today.

Danny's baptism was this weekend and it was great! His mom is having a really rough time though as she gets weaker and weaker. It's really heartbreaking to see. I'm not sure how much time she has left, but at least she got to see him get baptized like she wanted. 
Our friend Stella (who is "Jewish"..mostly just by blood, as she doesn't know a thing about Judaism) came to church yesterday, stayed all 3 hours, and LOVED it! She is really sweet and just loves whenever we come by to visit her. She made a new friend at church (a good thing) and was telling her all about how much Sis Spjut and I have been a blessing in her life. Aaww. But let me just say...having an investigator in church is really stressful! I noticed how much I was focusing on her and thinking oh man, did she understand what that meant? or what is she going to think about THAT? or okay great, thanks for mentioning that she can't drink coffee or tea, we haven't taught her that yet... or IS SHE FEELING THE SPIRIT?! I mentioned this to Sister Spjut and she said, "Yeah, one of the things I'm looking forward to about going home is that when I'm in church, I'll be able to just relax and enjoy the meetings instead of stressing over how my investigator's experience is going." Just one of those interesting things you don't realize about missionary work until you're out here.

Also, had my first run-in with a big dog last week...literally. We were walking down a street when all of a sudden these two HUMONGOUS dogs come running at us. They are just charging towards us and not changing course. I screamed. And then the bigger one sideswiped me before running off again. I actually have a bruise on my hip! It happened on Thursday, when we were having a lot of wind from the hurricane. I guess the wind had broken the latch on their backyard fence so they escaped! We were glad it didn't attack us or anything...but it was still pretty scary to see two giant dogs running at us.

Like I said, this email's a short one. I'll attach some pictures that Sis. Spjut took...my camera is still totally out of commission, I keep hoping that by some miracle I'll acquire a new one.

Love you all!

sister dougal

 Ft. Lauderdale Temple

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