Monday, December 10, 2012

Letter #11

I really can't believe it's December. For one thing, that means I've already been out on my mission for 3 months, which is a crazy thought. But I especially find it hard to accept that it's December because it's still so HOT here! It does NOT feel like Christmas will be here in 20 days. I am so used to cold Decembers that this is definitely going to take a little getting used to.

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I haven't a clue how old you're turning, but hopefully you do something fun for your birthday this weekend. I just wanted you to know that I did, in fact, remember your birthday. I even wrote "DAD'S BIRTHDAY" in my planner. So yes, family, you do cross my mind occasionally. ;)

Also, I hope everything is going well to send off Austin tomorrow! How exciting/unreal! Can't believe he's headed off on a mission. I definitely want to get his weekly emails, so make sure to add me to the email list :) And a random favor to ask of Austin...I'm not sure if you're still going to the Provo MTC or not with the shorter MTC times, but if you are, could you please buy me one of the nametag clips? They sell them in the MTC bookstore and I'm pretty sure they're like 50 cents. They're just little clips that you can use on the black nametags to clip them to your clothes instead of having to use the pin part of the nametag. They're clear plastic. You can buy one and just pop it in an envelope and mail it off at the post office that's right across the hall from the bookstore! I would really appreciate it. :)

Well, tomorrow I'll be heading back from Fort Lauderdale with a new companion in tow! Sister Spjut is all packed and ready to fly home. So crazy! I'm excited but still a little nervous about taking over the area. I've been driving this past week (it was weird to get behind the wheel again!) to familiarize myself a little more with the area. (We drive a Chevy Malibu...I included that because I'm sure Nathan would probably want to know) Sis Spjut has also made me take charge of all our activities this last week, since in a couple days I'll have to be the one making most of the plans and deciding who we're going to be visiting (since the new sister won't know anyone here!). Yikes! So hopefully I can help make the transition smoothly.

Had a cool experience this week while knocking doors... We knocked on this one woman's door and after explaining that we were there to live a blessing in her home, she said, "Oh, PLEASE come in!" We left the prayer with her and afterwards she told us that she had just been praying and asking God to send her some strength. She's a single mom and said she just really needed that prayer. She accepted baptism and wants to work towards that. Then, before we could even ask if she knew anyone else who might like a prayer, she asked if we would go to the next building over and leave a blessing with one of her friends. So we went and left a blessing with her friend, who ALSO accepted baptism! And then her friend also told us that she'd been praying and asking God to send someone like us! Apparently she'd had a bad dream about her house not being safe and so she really wanted her grandfather to leave a blessing on her home, but then he passed away. And then we showed up to do exactly that! After we finished knocking the rest of the doors in her building we went back out to our car and ran into the first woman. We told her that we'd left a blessing with her friend and that it had gone well and she said, "I know, she called me afterwards to say thank you for sending you two over to her!" She also said that they both really want to get baptized so they can have their sins washed away. Super cool experiences! It was super awesome for us to recognize how God uses us as instruments to answer His children's prayers!

I see little tender mercies and miracles like that every single day out here. I really can't think of a better thing to be doing with my life right now than serving a mission!

Life is good here in South Florida. Buenos suerte Austin, hope you're excited! You have an amazing two years ahead of you!

Sister Dougal

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