Thursday, January 17, 2013

Letter #17: I had the Time of my Life

It's crazy how fast time flies! I feel like Sister Sheffield just got here...but it's already been a whole transfer! Our 6 weeks together are over and it looks like my time in Port St. Lucie might be coming to an end too. Last week I mentioned that I felt like I was leaving...well, last night we got the phone call and they told me to pack my bags because I'm getting transferred! Definitely mixed emotions about that. I'm actually really sad to be leaving the area, especially the ward. I love all the people here. Sis Sheffield and I got along really well, too, so it will be sad to leave her also. Like I said, there is a chance that I might stay in the same apartment and just transfer over to the other side of Port St. Lucie, but I don't really think that's going to happen. It's exciting to think about all the places where I could end up going! I think I might be going to Boynton Beach or to one of the YSA wards down in Miami. But I guess we'll find out soon enough :)
I also have mixed feelings about leaving because even though last week I was sure I was done here, some things happened the past few days that really made me feel like I might be staying. One major reason was that we got a referral in our area from a member who basically only gave us the referral because she knew that I was here. I kind of have a connection to this member's family and so she felt like I needed to be the one to go and visit her referral. After that happened, I though, well...maybe I WILL be staying here! Maybe I was sent to Port St. Lucie to teach this person! But it looks like I am needed elsewhere. We're still going to go and try contact the referral today while I'm here. Luckily God knows exactly what he's doing and so I know that however things work out, it's how they were supposed to happen!
So next time you hear from me...I'll be somewhere else in the lovely state of Florida!

Some exciting news from this last week was that Brian, my first convert, got married on Saturday! Yay! He married a woman from the ward and they had a big wedding & reception at the church. (his son is the one that got baptized a couple weeks ago). It was really fun! I love weddings. It was also really awesome because I got to play the piano as they were walking down the aisle and back out again! It was me along with Sis Sheffield on violin and another violinist in the ward. Super cool. I've never played at a wedding before but I obviously loved it. After the reception, they turned on some dance music at the end and it was SUPER hard for me not to just start breaking it down. I know that probably sounds ridiculous...but seriously, it was really hard not to dance. Later that evening we went and had a second wedding-of-sorts. The elders were teaching this couple that wanted to get baptized, but they were living together without being married so they needed to get married first. Anyways, they came to the church and got married by the bishop and afterwards we went to their house and had a little mini-reception with them. We also re-enacted the wedding (since they didn't really have a real ceremony) in their backyard with the whole walking in, carrying flowers, exchanging rings, etc. I even got to be the maid of honor. YESSS! It's my first time ever being a part of a wedding party. haha.
Yup. It was a great day.

Other random happenings this week...yesterday we were knocking on doors and some little girl left her house and started following us. We tried to get her to go back home but instead she started going down the street and knocking on all her neighbors' doors and ringing their doorbells. Not to mention the fact that she left her front door open so all three of her dogs were running loose down the street as well. Such is the life of a missionary. It was probably one of the most random and funniest things that have happened to me so far.

Welll.......bon voyage!

sis dougal

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