Monday, April 29, 2013

Letter #28: Happy Easter!

So I was actually kind of sad that I only get one Easter on my mission. I wanted to baptize someone on Easter so bad. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. We had someone set but there's all kinds of family drama going on with her and she wouldn't go through with it. BUMMER! How sweet would it be to say you took the necessary steps to access the Atonement of Jesus Christ on Easter?
We had a nice dinner with one of our branch presidency members and some members of the branch. All the classic Easter fare. Super delish.

Not too much of note happened this week...I bought some sunglasses that have a mustache on them (Sun-Staches!) at the huge Sawgrass mall on p-day. Apparently Sawgrass Mall is like the 2nd largest tourist attraction here in Florida...? Anyways, it's really crazy, because people from other countries fly in with suitcases, fill up the suitcases full of stuff at Sawgrass, and then fly home. So there were all these people speaking every language imaginable dragging suitcases around this massively huge mall. It's just this gigantic outlet mall that stretches over 2 miles or something like that. I'll have to make sure to send pictures of my sun-staches. I love them so much. If I'm ever having a bad day I can just put them on and look at myself in the mirror and life is happy again.  

Also this week we hung out with a bunch of football players from the Miami Dolphins. Super random, I know. Somehow we ended up at this dinner appointment with a part-member family this week...the husband is on the Dolphins and a whole bunch of the other team members were at his [gigantic] house working out. Sister Gordon and I were like, "I'm sure someone else would appreciate this a whole lot more" since we both obviously did not know who any of them were. 

We're teaching this kid Fred and oh my, I just love him. He's the one with 25 piercings in his face. He is super amazing and he's preparing for baptism this week. It's cool to just see how much happier he is since we started teaching him! He has just been so prepared by the Lord, even though he doesn't necessarily know it. I'm so excited to watch him continue to progress in the gospel and just see how different he is months down the road.

It's also been amazing to me to see just how much the Holy Ghost teaches new converts. Our three converts from a few weeks ago know so much about the gospel, even though they've only been members for a few weeks. After people are confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost, they just learn so quickly! It's really cool to see. We were sitting by Artemis in relief society yesterday and even though she didn't want to answer any of the questions for the whole class, she whispered all of the answers to us and she knew all of them! She's amazing. They all are. Nick, who was baptized in February, was the first one to sign up on the temple trip sign-up sheet that they passed around in priesthood. It's just so lovely to look around and be able to see the fruits of your labors!

Well, that's about it for now...this is the last week of the transfer (gasp!). I have no idea where time is going! 

Love you all! Thanks to all of you who have written me letters :) Opening the mailbox and seeing a letter with my name on it is seriously the GREATEST feeling. 

sister dougal

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