Friday, July 5, 2013

Letter#31: (no subject)

Hola! Things continue to heat up in Florida. Today is my 8-month mark....I realized it the other day and had a mini panic attack. It's really been 8 months already?!?! I'm almost to my halfway point! Nooo! When did that happen?!?! Everyone says the mission goes fast, and I obviously realized it for myself as well....but still, it doesn't feel POSSIBLE that I've been gone for 8 months. That's a long time! And it feels like nothing!
Had a really nice surprise yesterday. I was standing in the hallway at church after class talking to some people and all of a sudden, someone starts walking towards me. I did a was Sister Sheffield! I wish I could have seen my face! She and one of the other sister missionaries were back for a visit this week and she stopped by to say hi. It was so nice to see her! It was really strange to talk to her without her missionary badge on. It just seemed wrong, haha. It seriously made my day! [which was important, since we didn't have any investigators show up to sacrament and so that was kinda rough. :/ Aka, no baptisms either. I'm still SOO happy that Fred got baptized this month, but it is a little disheartening that we weren't able to bring anyone else into the waters of baptism and closer to their Savior this month. I guess technically we still have 2 days...hmmmm... ]
Speaking of Fred, he's doing great. The piercings are slowly starting to come out. He just loves coming to church and spends all day on Sunday hanging out with church people. Yay Fred!

We also had some other little tender mercies from the Lord this week! We found the MOST AMAZING STREET EVER to harvest on Saturday. What made this street so incredible?
1) No one was white. 
2) Everyone let us pray with them.
3) We found $20 on the ground!!!

This week I also had two marriage proposals. Okay, so they weren't actual proposals...but still. Ironically, they both happened in the same park even though they were on different days. Yesterday this guy we were talking with told me, "I'm gonna marry you." Okay...we'll see about that... Earlier in the week we had stopped by this bench with 3 old Haitian guys to leave a blessing with them. I asked one of them what he needed from his Savior and he said, "I only want you. Pray to God and ask Him to make you my wife." After the prayer (in which I did NOT ask for that, by the way), he made sure I took down his number and also told me, "Baby (pronounced be-be), every time you come to this park, you come be my wife. You come pray with me." In your dreams, homeboy...

Other exciting events this week involved Sister Gordon and me catching a frog and putting it in the other sisters' bathtub. They thought it was the assistants who did it. hahahahaha.

As you can tell, it was quite the wild week! I didn't get an email from Austin, so hopefully he is having a wild time down in Guatemala as well!

Love you all!
Sister Dougal

PS- Got to play guitar again this week and it was a LOT better than last time! Guess I'm not quite as rusty as I thought.
PPS- Also I'm pretty sure I ate ice cream like every single day this last week. Some things never change....

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