Thursday, October 3, 2013

Letter #50: Own it October!

Well, another week down! So crazy. They all go by so fast. This week was transfers so we have a new sister in our house but Sis Johnson, Sis Sablan, and I stayed put. 

We were able to start this week off strong with an awesome pros Monday where we actually were able to have at least 1 in every KI category! I'm pretty sure that was a first for my mission. It was pretty cool. We had a goal to hit standards of excellence in everything KI category week in order to prep for our awesome OWN IT OCTOBER month, in which we have a goal to consistently hit standards in everything every week (including member blessings and referrals!). I was pretty disappointed to come up short by 1 in more than a few KIs this last week, but I was still proud of the overall balance that we were able to achieve.

I loved President Anderson's email last week about enduring to the end and especially how we cannot get comfortable, that we always need to be improving. I feel like it is so important for me to constantly be evaluating myself and asking, "What am I working to improve RIGHT NOW?" I have gotten to a point in my mission where it is very easy to be "comfortable" and just to cruise through on what I know. But I do NOT want that to happen! I still have big goals and things I want to accomplish out here and I know the only way I can do that is by continually pushing outside of my comfort zone and zeroing in on things I want to change.

This next month is going to be SWEET. We have conference this upcoming weekend, and then on the 19th we have ANOTHER mission conference where ELDER OAKS will be coming to speak to us! Oh my, it's going to be AWESOME. That's the first time an apostle has come to this mission in a really long time. Usually when apostles come to missions, it's because they're going to throw down....guess we'll see what he says. We could probably use some "throwing down" of the apostolic variety. I think we've all gotten a little bit comfortable and a little bit prideful and that is preventing us from having the success that we have seen in the past. 

Luigi continues to be the most awesome recent convert EVER! This week he went into the family history center to start preparing names for a temple trip on October 11! We also took him to his first lesson with us and he was AWESOME! He stared our investigator in the eyes and said, "If you have anything going on on Sunday, you CANCEL it. You need to be at church. It's just a few hours of your day and you need to give that to God!" So sweet :) After the lesson, he was like, "I do not know where those words came from! I had nothing to say and then I just SAID that!" We were able to testify to Him that it was the Spirit and that God was putting those words into his mouth.

Had a cool experience this week that was another one of those sweet confirmations you get that God truly is in charge of this work. We are trying to get to know all of the ward members, and so we decided to visit a family in the ward (the Wilson family). We texted Brother Wilson a couple times and set up a time to visit them. We showed up at their house on Wednesday night, his wife opens the door....and lo and behold, it is not the right family! Turns out there are two Wilson families in the ward! Hopefully our faces didn't give away our shock :) Anyways, we ended up having a great visit with them and left a powerful message and prayer with them. Brother Wilson told us how much he appreciated our visit and that it really had been needed. It was a great experience and it was so cool to see how the Lord guided us to them, since this was a family we probably would have never thought to visit otherwise!

The weather is (slowly) starting to cool down...the mornings & evenings are a lot cooler, anyways!

And that's the news from Wellington this week....

Sister Dougal

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